Blogging, Books and a Furry Bomb

After peeping suspiciously several times at my phone, I gingerly plucked up courage to open up WordPress and attempt to customise my blog.  I lost track of how many times I accidentally clicked to go back to the theme selection, losing any editing I had completed but eventually here we are… Ta daaaah!  A big achievement for a newbie like me 🙂

My little book worms spend a week with me and a week with their dad as part of our custody agreement, so I had today to myself.  After getting rather excited at how well my new cordless Dyson sucks things up (I know, I bore myself too at times), then wrestling one of Book Boy’s Lego figures out of it, I went for a wander into town.  I could talk here about the sights I saw along the way but it would all be lies.  You see, dear reader, I have succumbed to Pokemon Go.

It’s ok, I’ll bear with you for a moment while you either roll your eyes or you sit up excitedly at the thought of yet another adult who shares your enthusiasm.  Ready?  Sure?  Alright, let’s continue.

It might help to explain that it started off as curiosity when someone at work came back from their lunch break talking about the Pokemon they’d caught on site.  After a few ordinarily professional staff got excited by this and wanted to know where these seemingly rare specimens had been lurking, I couldn’t resist asking what they were talking about.  Before I knew it, a tutorial had been arranged for me after work to initiate me into the Pokemon craze.   It was a great hit with my kids and as they don’t have mobile phones yet, our walks were punctuated by cries of, “Quick mum, get the Pidgey!”  If I found that I switched the game on when they weren’t with me, I told myself it was merely maternal love compelling me to help them amass more Pokemon and hatch the eggs they were incubating.  Pretty soon though I couldn’t deny it any longer.  I was hooked.

My guilty pleasure has brought about some surprising discussions: one day as I waited for a meeting to start at work, a normally serious director opposite me punched the air in excitement and announced that they’d caught a Jynx on the table!

Discreetly checking my phone as I walked indicated a Teddiursa nearby and I walked along a street I don’t often go down in hot pursuit of the virtual creature.  As I smugly caught it, I pocketed my phone again and looked up to see a huge table of books outside a charity shop, whispering to me temptingly to come closer and see their delights.

And what a delight it was.  I was spoiled for choice at the wide range of novels on sale but confined my purchases to a Jacqueline Wilson book called “Cookie” for Book Wizz, a “Disgusting Poems” anthology for Book Boy and “Eeny Meeny” by MJ Arlidge for myself, which I will read and review next week.   I will definitely return again in the future to delve through the rest of the books and see what other gems I can find.

So that’s the Blogging and Books of my title covered but what about the Furry Bomb?

I’ll have to refer you here to my blog picture, for which I set up books, a cuppa and some flowers to depict some of my favourite things.  Can you see what’s odd in the picture?  I didn’t notice an additional prop at the time but as I cropped the photo to upload it to WordPress, I saw a black and white furry face peering out from behind the flowers.  Yes, I had been photobombed by Greebo.  He isn’t usually a photogenic feline, turning away when I take his photo or flashing his nether regions as he decides that a photoshoot is the ideal time to clean himself.

I’ve decided to leave Greebo in the picture, especially as he is named after a fictional character in one of my favourite book series (more on that in another blog post).  If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll add a photo of his brother, Rincewind, who employed the seven second rule this afternoon and made himself comfortable in my reading corner when I went to get a drink.  It’s only fair; I would hate for him to accuse me of favouritism.

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