Breezes, Battles and Bullets

Happy Sunday everyone and a rather breezy one it was here.  Fooled by the glorious sunshine I set off for a walk in the nearby park this afternoon.  Unfortunately the April wind, keen to put in a farewell performance before May takes the limelight, insisted on snatching the breath from my lips only to replace it with my hair which was repeatedly whipped across my face.  So much for my plan of reading in the sunshine…  I scurried home to immerse myself in Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary (I’m really enjoying it and will share my thoughts when I’ve finished).

Apparently I wasn’t the only one disgruntled by the weather today; Rincewind is a bit of a [whispers] cowardly cat, similar to his Discworld namesake, and can regularly be seen dashing towards or away from things, depending on his anxiety levels.  A considerable amont of his time was spent running from room to room whilst voicing his complaint about the wind, jumping at every noise as unseen objects rattled and rolled around outside.  Unfortunately he was not pacified by my explanation that I can provide many things for him in life (food, shoelaces, Cat TV channels if I’m feeling generous) but a mute button for the blustery gusts is not one of them.

Perhaps it was Rincewind’s poor opinion of my customer service standards or his disrupted cat naps but something compelled him to pick a fight with Greebo.  And I don’t mean the usual play fighting or a that-was-my tail-you-just-pounced-on-not-a-shoelace induced squabble; this was a battle which raged through the entire house.  With flying kicks, paw punches, claw slashes and biting, it was as if they were hosting an ultimate fighting championship for cats.  Greebo has a broken miaow and his fractured squeaks betrayed how upset he was getting.  After all, one minute he was enjoying a nap in his radiator bed and the next he was assaulted by a Tasmanian Devil impersonator.  Eventually I waded into the fray and separated them, which I don’t usually have to do.  Five minutes later I found them snuggled up together, fast asleep on my bed.  Their feud had seemingly been settled and they are back to being the best of friends again.  Hopefully this will be a rare occurrence but I will watch with interest what happens the next time it is very windy outside…

My cat refereeing duties over, I settled down to a task which I have been planning for a month now but never seemed to get round to.  After discovering the art of losing time browsing on Pinterest, I was drawn to a trend which apparently has been passing me by: the bullet journal.  I’m not sure if it’s just me that this concept is new to or if it’s still quite novel in the UK as a whole but the mixture of planning and creativity is intriguing.  Search for “bullet journal” on the web and you will find a plethora of images and ‘how-to’ guides, ranging from the purist symbols and spreads created by Ryder Carroll, through to artistic embellishments and additional journal pages which ooze positivity.  During my searches I have read a whole host of blogs which seem to endorse the system and claim it has had a life-changing impact on them.

Taking my rose-tinted glasses off for a moment, I’m not sure if this is anything other than the latest fad; a post modern approach to time and task management using the vintage methods of pen and paper rather than an app.  However I have been looking for ways to use the left side of my brain more since my job demands a strategic and analytical approach which can often quash my creative nature, so I’m willing to give it a go.

Although I’m starting part way through the year, this has not stopped me putting together my yearly, monthly, weekly and daily spreads along with the goal oriented, positive mental attitude pages which have been adopted by others.  From tomorrow my bullet journal will be my guide although I’ll be adding the doodles and embellishments over the course of the month since I’ve only plotted the essential information in so far.  I genuinely hope it helps, particularly as in this day and age our senses are overloaded by so many emails, tasks and to do lists that it’s amazing we actually achieve anything.  I’ll report on progress periodically as I go and aim to progress from writing in it with pencil to pen by next week as I keep finding ways my layouts could work better for me.

And now the pull of ‘Someone Else’s Skin’ is becoming too strong to ignore. It’s time for me to retire to bed and accompany DI Marnie Rome as she battles the scars of her past while trying to make sense of the shocking twists and turns of her investigation… goodnight all.




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