My ‘Bookywook Book Book’

It’s been a relaxing bank holiday today, which is great considering I blame the talented Sarah Hilary for keeping me up into the wee hours when I couldn’t put down her book, Someone Else’s Skin, last night (review to follow tomorrow)!

Whenever I finish a book, I write the author and title in my ‘Book Book,’ pictured above.  This is something I started doing on 1st January, 2006, after one of my friends on Boxing Day 2005 asked me asked how many books I get through in a year since I seem to have one attached to me at all times.  I had no idea so decided to keep a log for the year to find out.  I read 53 books in a range of genres and enjoyed looking back on my reading choices so much, I decided to keep the log going.

The books I was drawn to throughout each year tell their own story of what was happening in my life;  I’ll share some of the literary highlights and the occasional anecdote in some future posts.

I sometimes wonder if I should add a rating system to the ‘Book Book’ but the novels really enjoyed (and the ones I forced myself to continue reading to the bitter end) tend to jump off the page immediately.

The little stationery devil sitting on my shoulder sometimes entices me to buy one of the bespoke book journals which are available.  The stationery angel, with his practical approach and sensible shoes, reminds me of how my ‘Book Book’ has been with me through thick and thin over the last 11 years, so I have managed to resist upgrading so far.

I love seeing that Book Boy has started keeping his own book list too, albeit on a scrappy piece of paper which seems to attract all manner of inky fingerprints and sticky patches.  Perhaps it’s time to add a Book Boy ‘Book Book’ to his life so we can sit in 11 years time and reflect on his reading journey too…



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