No Evening With Paula Hawkins For Me

I normally offer blog visitors a cup of tea and a sit down but this evening you’ll have to fend for yourself I’m afraid. Please don’t mind the mess for I am a little upset.

I was planning to post a picture later of a signed copy of Paula Hawkins’ new novel, Into The Water, as I’ve been looking forward to an event I was due to attend tonight: A hosted discussion with Hawkins and Sarah Schmidt, who has just released her debut novel, See What I Have Done. 

Unfortunately that is not to be, thanks to the lowlife who has broken into my car. Instead of meeting these two talented authors and participating in the discussion session, I am at home alone having just bid farewell to the scene of crime police officer.

Various things have been taken out of the boot and glove compartment of my car but the thing that upset me most was seeing one of Book Wizz’s Jacqueline Wilson books lying bent and crumpled in the footwell. This person has touched the book my daughter treasures and because it isn’t of value to them, they treated it like rubbish. 

Aside from feeling somewhat violated about someone rummaging through my belongings, it’s sad to see her favourite book in that state and treating books in that way feels a little sacrilegious. I’m going to buy her a new one before she returns on Friday and I’ll claim I accidentally spilled something on it rather than have her know about what’s happened in case it scares her. 

I have to say a huge thank you to Waterstones in Liverpool; I had reserved copies of the authors’ books to get signed tonight and rang the store to explain that I wouldn’t be needing them after all and to give my ticket to someone else since I couldn’t leave until the police had been. Instead, the lovely book seller sold the books to me over the phone and took my details down so she can get them signed with a dedication then post them to me. What a jolly good egg.

I try not to think vengeful thoughts about people and am desperately trying to keep the images of a book related injury occurring to the thief; instead I think I shall write this person into my novel and have something humiliating happen. They’ll never know of the written revenge but it will hopefully allow me to feel that a smidgen of just desserts has been doled out. 

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