‘Blood Sisters’ and a Book BFF

After having my car broken into yesterday my best friend, we’ll call her Book BFF, has invited me for a sleepover with wine, pizza and chocolate.  

I’ve just been reading Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Book BFF’s beautiful baby girl who was fascinated with turning the pages while I was looking at the little holes in the food that the caterpillar has crawled through. It seems like only yesterday when I sat cuddled up to my mum and poked my fingers through those same size holes in the book; now I have to do so by proxy, watching Book Baby take the lead. 
Although I packed my kindle to read a book tonight I also had to bring a big library hardback copy of ‘Blood Sisters’ by Graham Masterton. I have only 16 pages to go before I finish it and it’s impossible to wait until tomorrow to find out how it ends! 

I’m relatively new to Masterton’s DS Katie Maguire series and I was hooked from the first chapter of novel that I randomly opened in February.  Now as soon as I have finished one book I order the next as they seem to be a popular choice in my local library. 

DS Maguire is a senior police figure in Cork, holding her own against career criminals, drug barons, human traffickers and serial killers. Not to mention the sexism she encounters from those jealous of her position and cynical about a woman being effective in that role. 
Maguire is not without dramas in her personal life and the reader follows her bumpy relationship road and family crises throughout the series. That said, each novel can be read as a standalone. 

Masterton’s use of local dialect and phrases really makes me feel like a fly on the wall in Cork and the surrounding areas as Maguire works with her team to bring justice to the victims they encounter.  The characters of Maguire’s colleagues also develop along the way, as do those of some of the criminal bosses who appear as either background figures or with a larger share in the plot. There are times when Maguire has to use those people she despises to help her catch another offender. 

The acts of murder and subsequent crime scenes are gritty, detailed and at times gory so depending on your constitution, these books may require a little bit of skimming over some paragraphs. I came across one scene towards the end of Blood Sisters today where I slammed the book shut at something which happened as it the description seemed so realistic that I could imagine standing next to Maguire witnessing the horror that had just unfolded. It wasn’t enough to stop me reading though and I can’t wait to see how Masterton finishes this book off. 

I have recommended this series to several friends, none of whom have been disappointed. If you are a crime fan who is yet to encounter DS Katie Maguire, I suggest you may enjoy making her acquaintance. 

And now it’s time for a refill. And maybe a few more sneaky pages before our pizza is ready…

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