A Dusty Bookshelf

Oh hello, I thought I heard someone at the door. Do come in and make yourself at home. Would you like a drink? I seem to have all kinds of fruity teas and flavoured coffees that I buy when I fancy trying a new flavour, but they usually end up confined to the back of the cupboard when I realise that they never taste as nice as they smell…

Right, now that we have our cuppas in hand, we can have a proper catch up. Oh don’t worry about the cat; Rincewind will curl up somewhere else if you move him and be asleep in seconds.  It’s been ages since you and I last chatted and so much has happened.

Gadget Man decided he wasn’t a Bookworm kind of person and moved on to pastures new and modern. But that’s ok, I had a feeling it had run it’s coursewith us.  Besides, it’s made space for someone much more like us booky types to join our little family. Here’s hoping…

I’ve read a number of books since then but there hasn’t been as much writing since my muse seems to have gone trekking through Indonesia.

Enough small talk, lets get down to the books. I’m currently reading Amy Schumer’s book which is a diversion from my usual form but it takes my mind off of things and it doesn’t matter if I get distracted really.

As hard as it feels to say this, it seems The C Word is the one on our street. No, no, no – not THAT C word!! You and your naughty mind! If only… you see, I’m waiting for confirmation of a breast cancer diagnosis.  Yep. That’s me. And the lump which has rudely taken up residence in my right boob. I mean seriously, how rude!

I think it’s heading for an ASBO or something because it’s apparently made the breast clinic team “very worried”. Surely to get an ASBO it needs a name? But which one?

Halloween movies and scary books have taught us that once a priest knows the name of the demon they can control it. In that case, given how fast this not so little blighter has grown, we had better name it quickly…

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m scared. Scared of getting the result, which the team seem to think is going to be a “what stage” rather than a “what is it” conversation.  Scared of my little bookworms finding out or worse, not having a bookywook in their lives any more. Scared that there are so many books I haven’t read yet. Scared of what’s to come.

The first horror book I read was Stephen King’s It. Perhaps I should call it Pennywise. Or Lasher from the Anne Rice trilogy about a ghost haunting generations of a family. I’m sure I’ll know the name when I read it.

Don’t  look like that, please, I’m ok honestly. Well, alright, I’m not, but I need to keep busy so chatting to you is a great distraction.

So I’m on a mission to find a book to help me through this spider web of thoughts and fears. Any recommendations will be gratefully received. I’m off to clean my dusty book shelf to make room for some of your ideas, which I hope will inspire or guide me. Or at the very least help me to get the terrifying image of Pennywise out of my mind!





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